Familiarize yourself with this guide. It contains content guidelines that will be consistent across all assignments.

In cases where a Client’s Style Guide or Client Notes conflict with the guide below, defer to the publisher’s requests.

The Three Crucial Tactics That Make or Break Every Slide:

  1. Pick a contextually relevant, interesting photo that fits the topic and entertains the reader.
  2. At the top, provide engaging subheads that lead/tease a reader into the copy. At the bottom, include CTAs to keep readers reading.
  3. In the middle, write interesting, informative, and relevant supporting copy. Use short, easy-to-digest sentences (8 - 13 words each).

**Remember -- EVERY slide is a new opportunity to LOSE your audience.**


Source articles are for inspiration only (unless otherwise specified) -- wherever applicable, always provide relevant facts and updates over above the source link. Insert new slides with new information to create a more unique article.

Please write in a conversational, friendly tone. Be authoritative, and not cynical.

Include a Call To Action (CTA) in the INTRO and roughly every three slides to keep readers clicking through. The listicle categories links will provide suggestions on how to write the best CTAs for each listicle type.

Subheads should always be engaging and specific -- Many readers will only read the subhead, so the goal is to entice them to both read your supporting copy and continue clicking through. In terms of copy, a good subhead is the most important thing you can contribute. 

Always Apply Title Case (meaning, capitalize every word) to titles and subheads.

Avoid cliched words and phrases like: actually, literally, basically, truly, itself, in actuality, in reality, however, incredibly, shocking, jaw-dropping, That's right!, new lease on life, so, there you have it.


Find the best images available both in terms of quality and appeal. In many cases, a source link will have lower quality images than we like, so use Google to find better versions of source photos, or better photos entirely. 

The big rule to watch out for is whether or not a client requires fair use images. If a client does not, then just avoid watermarked images.

All images should be .JPG only, unless otherwise requested.

All images should be LANDSCAPE format. 

Featured image collages should be borderless, in landscape format, and 2-3 images max. Avoid horizontal image collages.


Please ITALICIZE film titles, TV shows, music albums, books and plays. Put "QUOTES" around song titles and episode titles.

Numbers under 10 should be spelled out, numbers 10+ can be numerically rendered.

Do not hyperlink to outside websites.

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