What is it?

A 300+ word, non-listicle, single-page article. In Presto terms, “Viral News Story" denotes a 300-500 word length story that includes 3-5 subheads and 3-5 images to break up the copy. 

What makes a good Viral News Story?

  • An interesting topic. Short sentences and paragraphs (2-3 lines). Engaging images (3-5) to break up the text, and occasional subheads (3-5) to go with them, or to highlight important or surprising points in the story.

Tips for subheads

  • You can follow the same general subhead conventions that apply to other article categories, but subheads here are primarily used to highlight/summarize important or surprising points and break up the text. Subheads can also give a “chapter”-like feel, dividing 300-500 words of copy into more easily digestible chunks. Think of your subheads the same way as any other assignment -- they might be the only things that catch a reader’s eye.

Tips for copy

  • The copy should either tell a narrative story that evokes emotion (even if based on a dry, local news story) or impart instructions to a reader of some kind in a friendly way (in the case of a recipe or short list). 

Tips for images

  • High-quality images that are context sensitive and assist in breaking up the text and telling a complete story.

Tips for CTAs

  • At this time, Presto Media does not require a CTA for this kind of article, since they are single-page and do not require a reader to click through a slide show.

Assignment details

  • These are usually 300-500 words (though they can run longer) and require 2-5 images throughout the text.

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