Once an assignment has been reviewed by a Presto Editor, it will be sent to you for your review. You will know your assignment is ready for your review because you will receive an email alert from the Platform notifying of this.

Enter your Presto account and click on the article that is now under the "Submitted" article status. You will now see your article in a Preview Mode. You are not able to edit the article at this stage. Instead, you have two options

  • Approve: If the article is to your liking and standards, select the blue Approve button to confirm in the platform that the article is complete.
  • Request Revisions: If the article has spelling, grammar, ¬†factual, or article requirement errors in it then you can request revisions to be made to the Writer.

NOTE: There are boundaries to the revisions you can request to your article.

You CAN Request Revisions For These Reasons

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors
  • Factual errors¬†
  • Does not read well
  • Did not follow Style Guide
  • Did not follow article requirements

You CANNOT Request Revisions For These Reasons

  • You have additional information you want included in your article.
  • You want to reorder the order of your slideshow.
  • You want to take a different approach with the topic.

When requesting revisions of your article, it's best to follow these simple rules of thumb in order to ensure the Writer completely understands what you need to have revised:

  • Be very very very specific. It's best to err on the side of over-explaining than to be vague and leave any room for interpretation on the Writer's end.
  • Provide examples if you believe what you are trying to explain is a bit complicated.
  • If you are referring to a specific part of the article, make sure you explain in detail which part you are referencing.
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