Congratulations! You now have an article that has passed inspection and has been marked as "Approved" by you, one of your Contributors, or your dedicated Content Coordinator. Next step is to Deliver your assignment...

Now that your article is "Approved" you will see 3 options to choose from on the top right section of your screen:

  1. Download Article Zip File: This button will download a zip file that includes an HTML version of your article along with a separate image file for every image used within your article.
  2. Send to Wordpress: Once you set up your Presto Delivery Wordpress plugin, you will be able to deliver your assignment directly to your Wordpress site with a click of a button.
  3. Mark as Delivered: After you download and deliver your assignment to the appropriate Outlet, you can mark the assignment as "Delivered" so you and your team know it reached its final destination.

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