A call to action (also abbreviated “CTA”) is a marketing term for an instruction within a piece of copy that tries to get a reader to do something. 

In our business, CTAs are frequently used to get the readers of our clients’ content to do something specific, like “share this article,” or “comment below.” Writers also use CTAs within the slides of each list article. “Think this is scary? Wait until you see slide #2!”

When you onboard as a writer, you will receive more training on how to successfully incorporate CTAs into your assignments. Many of our clients require CTA use and reflect that need in their style guide.

An editor/publisher asked me to include more slide transitions. What’s that mean?

A “slide transition” is another industry-specific term for a call to action (CTA). The editor/publisher wants to see more “if you thought this was bizarre, wait until you see slide #12” type instructions to the reader.

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