What is it?

A list that uses descriptive copy and images to teach people how to do stuff. It can either be a step-by-step tutorial or a collection of items that share an overall theme.

What kinds of topics fit best in this category?

  • DIY projects, recipes, lifestyle (sex, relationships, fitness), or lifehacks.

What is a reader looking for when they click this?

  • They need all the information you’ve got so they can learn how to do something new.

What makes this article successful (i.e, what’s the most important thing you can do)?

  • A combination of images, subheads and supporting copy, as well as a strong overall theme. 

What kinds of subheads should I write?

  • If the article is a step-by-step or recipe, treat the subhead like a summary of the slide or your first sentence/thought, e.g.,
  1. “First, get all the wood you’ll need” 
  2. “A few things to remember before you finish …”
  • If it’s about fitness or lifehacks, the subhead should essentially be the main point of the slide. e.g., 
  1. “Set a goal and stick to it” 
  2. “Use lemon water to clean your microwave easily.”

What kind of copy should I write?

  • The copy should support the subheads with the necessary details. If the subhead tells the reader what to do, the copy tells them how to do it.

What kinds of images should I use?

  • High-quality images that are context sensitive. If it’s a DIY project, the source will likely contain all the images you need, but you may want to collage a few together. If it’s a lifehack article, use images that are applicable, and avoid stock photos (i.e., if the slide is about using a lemon to deep clean your sink, find a picture of someone using a lemon on their sink, not just a picture of a lemon on a counter). 
  • If fitness, pics of people working out or inspirational stock photography is okay, but if you can find higher-quality pics from social of actual people doing what you’re talking about, that will be more effective.

What kind of CTA (call to action) should I use?

  • Slide Push CTA: CTAs should encourage a reader to click to the very next slide e.g., 
  1. “Once the paint has dried, it’s time to start thinking about decorations …” 
  2. “This lifehack is helpful for the kitchen, but wait until you see what we’ve got for the bathroom on the next slide!” 
  3. “Of course, you’ll never going to get anywhere in your personal fitness if you don’t keep the next point in mind …”

Assignment Details

  • These should be 15-30+ slides (fewer for straight lifestyle, more for lifehacks and projects), with a 50-word intro (and recommended 50-word outro) with 25-50 words per slide.
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