The formula is pretty simple. First, write an awesome introduction. Get a reader excited for what’s coming up in the article or ask them a question to get them curious. The intro is half the work, and if you can nail it, you’re golden. 

Then, for each slide, highlight whatever is most interesting about the topic at hand. Imagine yourself as a reader. 

What do you want to know when you click on this article? 

How can the writer get you to keep clicking through to learn more? 

Make sure to include relevant facts and trivia, as well. If you write lazy and don’t offer anything of value, the reader is going to quit the article and curse you in the comments!

Lastly, remember that “brevity is the soul of wit.” In today’s language, that means don’t write more words than you have to, or repeat yourself, or be redundant, or cram a bunch of useless words into a sentence just to get to your word count limit, because we’re not writing Faulkner here, your editor is going to notice you’re just spinning your wheels and will probably send the article back, and … have we proven our point with this sentence yet? Good.

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