We understand you have a ton of content you need to request per day. That is why we made the article request process very simple to request one or more articles with very little effort.

Step 1) Log into your Presto account and click on the blue Add Article button in the top right corner of your Articles page.

Step 2) A dropdown will appear with options of article types to choose from. Select which article type you would like to request.

Step 3) Once you select which article type you would like to request, you will be shown a popup with a handful of fields to enter. These fields are ones you should be familiar with including things like Title, Reference Link, and Notes To The Writer. Details about each of these fields can be found at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: You will notice in the top right of this popup a green article value. This is the cost of your article. As you change certain fields such as "Number of Items" or "Items Per Word" you will see the article value goes up or down.

Step 4) Once you have filled out all of the fields appropriately, you are given two options to save and submit your article request.

Save and Close = Your article request is submitted and you are taken out of the Add Article view.

Save and New = Your article request is submitted and a new article request view appears so you can add another article request.

Add Article Fields Details

  • Title: 
  • Outlet: 
  • Number of Items
  • Number of Words:
  •  Notes For The Writer: 
  • Reference Links: 
  • Intro Required?: 
  • Intro Word Count: 
  • Outro Required?:
  • Outro Word Count: 
  • Heading For Item Titles: 
  • Image Sources Required?: 
  • Fact Sources Required?: 
  • Apply Title Case?: 
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